Sanitary Products

Empowerment of women

Providing reusable sanitary pads to to thousands of female university students and school girls in Ethiopia with support from people of the UK with support from Hlina and Mickal of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 🇪🇹

Our Vision

Providing reusable sanitary towels to female students in educational institutes throughout Africa enables them to prosper in their academic pursuits, work life, and at home.


Studies show that roughly 75% of menstruating-age Ethiopian women do not have access to sanitary products. This means that 22 million Ethiopian women do not have access to sanitary towels or can not afford them.

Our aims are to change the following
  • Education Disruption
  • Lack of access to affordable and safe sanitary products.
  • Gender inequality
Our aims are to change the following
  • Social stigma
  • Environmental pollution (On average, a women produces 150kg on non-biodegradable waste through single use sanitary products per year).
  • Disability-friendly period products
Ending Period Poverty
  • Adey’s pads are reusable and washable, made with every woman in Ethiopia in mind.
  • The company creates pads that are safe, sustainable, and can be used up to 100 times.
  • Because every woman has different needs when it comes to feminine hygiene products, the pads are available in a wide range of sizes.
  • When sanitary products are unavailable, women often resort  to using leaves, cow dung, or other makeshift methods to manage their periods.
  • Limited access to sanitary products, clean water and clean  spaces all contribute to cervical cancer being one of the most  common non-communicable diseases affecting women in

Mickal Mamo

Adey Pads owner