About us

Who we are

Jazakh-Allah, and thanks for giving your financial and moral support to our projects.

Since August 2023, we have begun to support our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia who are living in poverty.

We have supported numerous projects and plan to support a total of 12 projects a year. We will shortly expand to other countries in Africa through your generous support in-sha-Allah (if God wills)

Imam Hassan

Our team members

Imam Hassan

Operations Manager (Gloucester)

• Imam
• Public speaker and teacher
• Gloucester helping hands food parcel charity

Qari Khalil Ahmed Haffejee

Operations Manager (Leicester)

• School Principal
• Specialist Quran teacher
• Professional Counsellor


Project Manager

• Public speaker and radio host
• Smile Train ambassador
• Event organizer
• Humanitarian


Project Manager

• Journalist
• Advocate for social change
• Working with charities to provide essential sanitary products to females in need

Mickal Malmo

Operations Manager (Ethiopia)

Hlina Tekle

Project Manager

Our mission

Reduce poverty
Improve education​
Provide clean water​
Support good health ​
Provide nutrition​

Core values


Working together with communities, partners and stakeholders to achieve common goals


Respecting the inherent worth and rights of every individual, regardless of their cicumstances


Enabling individuals to improve their own lives through education, resources, and support

We currently have over 20 volunteers

We welcome partnership work with other
charitable organisations.